Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paper Plate Craft Ideas got to see this

Paper plate boxes

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stampin Up! ComeJoin Now!!

 Denise McDowell Independent Stampin Up! Demonstrator
 Click Here To Shop Now!   Hey! How are you today? I hope all is well with you, I am sure glad your here. I am here to talk all about you, yep that's wright and your crafting experience. One thing I do know is that ever sense I've been a part of Stanpin Ups! crew, my crafting experience is been amazing different,whys that you ask, well  because,  I have been taking crafting to another level. I been working with there stamps and supplies for a while now. Let me tell you what, It has never been the same. I mean I love my craft sites but, stanpin Up! Is something else, you just got to look into, I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed, you will actually  learn  so much from Stampin Up! but the places it takes you and the crafts you see  & learn the people you will meet, are truly great. the benefits they offer you, and FREE Craft supplies,Wait! no you did'nt say FREE did you? Yes I said free, but most of all your style and crafting experience will  be like WOW but in a whole new way. I also tell you this, I have not only learned things I could ever image but I look back and say wow what was I thinking? How come I never heard about Stampin Up! before?Just where have they been? I think that before you go on out and get your next Crafting shopping stuff, stop and think about what I said, Now you will earn free crafting supplies, yea mam you do, I also can tell you that Stampin Up! always gives you    %5,  %10, %15 OFF ANY DEMONSTRATOR ORDER,  plus you will receive % 50 off Stamp sets, paper, what ever you choose. HOW COOL IS THIS? So, what are you waiting for? go on AHEAD AND CLICK THIS LINK AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF, seeing is believing. I think you will be glad you did! I will sign off for now, but contact me if you want to know anything other than what I already filled you in with! Be like a Nikey shoe and Just Do It! Happy Crafting Gals and I hope to see you in our new Demonstrator Stampin Up! list soon. Thanks! Until then I'm Denise and you can contact me at Good luck! Ps Take mt advice and go for the Gusto Stampin Up! is just plain out Amazing!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

YAY!! A Contest I am In!!

Hello everyone here I go again I will be entering the Stampin Up! contest this year, yay! but I have lost last year bummer, but I really had no clue of it all. But I am going to be ready this time around!! Please stay updated, I will keep you updated on some examples of mine here, I will let you know how every things going OK, please wish me luck, these ladies are good I have alot of talented people out there to go against. We will see,wright?  'like I'm good', wright? 'Sure I am', I am going for the gusto!!! Until then see you later guys...... Thanks. Denise!