Monday, March 25, 2013

Summertime Hair Wraps

Summertime Hair Wraps

I really am the queen of bad hair days. Realllly bad ones. I have very fine & wavy hair which is a terrible combination when you wake up and want to do something quick and easy- to cover up what the untamable beast, that is the pillow, has done to you. I will jump on any new idea that will help me cover it up: hats, scarves, helmets, you name it... So when I saw this lovely blog of beautiful fashionista Keiko Lynn, I knew I had to share some of her hair-wrapping tricks that I hope will get you as excited as it did for me. Her outfits are also quite adorable if you're looking for a little bit of style-inspiration. But today I want to focus on these beautiful scarves she uses to wrap around her pulled up hair. SO cute and stylish- and did I mention- perfect for a bad hair day!? LOVE.

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