Friday, March 15, 2013

My Newest Creations

 BOO BO and Muggwhy!!

 Short story, well this is Boo Bo and shes my baby, I was taking pixs and she had to get her butt in there, silly kitten I have 5 and I'll tell you what they all were in there at one time 

 here's another wall decor, if the lighting was much better, of course it would look even better to you

Don't ask, lol I have no idea what is called but I like it!! It will look different wright on my end table

Made this up for my sisters shower and never finished it on time!

 Now Hold on one minute, now I know its not Christmas, but it seems flashy and bright, but that was my intention  here, very Vintage I thought and its a right at you sort of Vintage pix!

Add caption She is a Bute!! Lol I am lovin the two dark colors together. It seemed plain but when I was finished I thought Humm.. it don't look bad at all!

 Mod Pod Rocks!! I used old Vintage Fabric Here and wrapped a light chain around her for looks

My Fav!! I was tempted to put as many roses on just one card, but as you see on lots of my creations I really love them!! HeHe...

 what a great idea for a birthday gift!! Filled with perfumes and lotions.!

 I am impressed, lol  I am loving the blue and white together.. I have made every flower on her there is.

 This was an easy one here, all I did was threw a few flowers on her and some white string!!

 How amazing she turned out, I had no clue how she'd really turn out! I like it!!

 This was an old can from dinner  and now it is a pen holder

 I have made this for greeting cards, can be used for a set of cards for a gift!

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