Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just for your Cards, that really need to be Lined

    Simple Lined Envelopes
I’ve always loved the look of lined envelopes but I've never known how to do it until now. I received a pretty card in the mail with a gorgeous lined envelope and I decided that my cards deserve lined envelopes too! To teach myself how to do it, I headed over to Paper Source in Brooklyn. The sale girls are great about teaching me new projects and showing me what supplies I’ll need. I purchased a plastic envelope liner template and a few pieces of pretty printed paper. I was delighted to discover how easy it is to create pretty envelope liners at the store and I hurried home to do it myself. Gosh this is so easy!! Here is how to do it!

You Will Need:
- Envelopes (I use A2, but any size will do!)
- Envelope liner template (make sure if you use let’s say A6 envelopes that you use the A6 liner template)
- Pretty paper (use light weight paper, wrapping paper works well)
- Double sided craft glue strips, you can substitute a glue stick
- Scissors
- Pencil

1) Simply trace the template with your pencil on the back of the pretty paper.
2) Cut it out using scissors, I tried using an exacto knife and I wouldn’t recommend it.
3) Insert the liner in your envelope so it fits snug in the envelope.
4) Place two small glue strips only at the top of the envelope along the edge of the “V”. Press firmly with your fingers.
5) Fold the envelope to create a crease in the liner.
6) The most important step... Admire your pretty work!! Ha ha!

Pretty easy, right? Now you can create professional looking envelopes with easy to create envelope liners! I think my cards deserve lined envelopes, don’t you?

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