Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog Heading

              10 Cool Blog Heading Ideas!!

Hello, I wanted share some Ideas, I have thought of, maybe an idea for a Blog. I will list them here blow.  I hope you can use at lease one of them. Thanks and Oh Yea!!  please leave me a comment, if you will. Here are my Ideas, 1.. My Ever Lasting Stampin Up! Crafting! 2. Understanding My Stampin Up! Crafting! 3. Turning Trash Into (Stampin Up!)crafts! 4. Whats your Reaction, To My Stampin Up!  Crafting? 5. Lets Get Adapting ,With My Stampin Up! Crafting!! 6. All Of My Attracting, Stampin Up! Crafting!! 7. Bragging About My Stampin Up! Crafting! 8. Don't Go Passing, My Stampin Up! Crafting!! 9.  Taking a Break To Create. 10. Stampin Up! ( Live- Love & Learn). The last one was not as good as the rest but I tried, sorry, I hope you get the idea!!! Good Luck!

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