Monday, January 21, 2013

My Story of Mother

Hello                                                                                                                                                                                               Happy Monday !!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful safe weekend, I had attended a Baby shower this Sunday, yea always nice to hang with the ladies lol.. I had a good time except for seeing my Mother which yes is to be a special moment. I really don't see her much, and we do not live to far apart. I miss and think about her very often, but she was at the shower, but she hasn't  Been herself the past year. To make a long story short, she had cancer and her tummy was removed and they pulled down her intestent the large one to replace her tummy, there fore she can try to eat. But she is down to about 100 pounds if that. I really don't get it? No day is promised to one one, well this I do get. She is a strong women, I have seen her go through some really tough and emotional times in her life growing and I sure do hurt to see her, its not my mother, I just want her back the way she was before, you know. My aunt was at the baby shower and seen ma for the first time sense she has been ill. I seen her leaving, saying as she walked slowly crying, please take care of her.  I am so sad and don't understand. I know one thing is that god is great and I truly believe in prayers & FAITH and time and that mom will be OK that it is something that is just needing time, time to heal and prayers. I ask that if you to can say a little pray for her and our family. Thank You. and God Bless You. Have a wonderful day. Denise                           

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