Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Purse Tutorial, Pink Purse Bag

Pink Day Bag (4" length x 4" high x 2" deep at bottom)

5/8” Regal Rose Grosgrain (SU!), Antique Brass Buckle (SU!),
Sticky Back Velcro Circle, Photo Corners Punch (SU!), Scissors,
Ruler, Pencil
Card Stock and Paper (all SU!): Bali Breeze DP,
Pumpkin Pie Textured CS, Tempting Turquoise CS

**follow tutorial for old olive clutch using the measurements given below
Step 1: Start with a piece of 12" x 12" textured card stock.  Place one side of the card stock along the top of the
Scor-Pal® and score at 4" and 8”.
Step 2: Turn card stock 90 degrees and score at 4", 6" and 10"
Step 3: Without removing the card stock from the previous step, make a pencil mark 2" down on the 5"
Scor-Pal® groove. Score along the 5" score groove just up to the pencil mark.
Step 4: Turn the paper 180 degrees.  Make a pencil mark 2" down on the 7" Scor-Pal® groove. Score along the 7" score groove just up to the pencil mark.
Step 5: The 2" score marks you just made in steps #3 and #4 were made on the center of the flaps that will
become the sides of the purse (do NOT cut along this 2” score mark). Identify the score marks that are on either
side of the 2” score lines. Cut down these score marks 4" just until you reach the first score mark. You will need
to make 4 cuts (two for each side flap).
Step 6: Keep the side flap down on the Scor-Pal® and bend up the adjacent flaps. Align the inside corner of the
side flap and the diagonally opposite outside corner along ONE score groove. Score from the inside corner just
until you meet the score mark you made in a previous step.
Step 7: Repeat Step 6 for the other inside corner. When you are done the score marks for the side flap should
look like a capital ‘Y’. Repeat Step 6 and 7 for the other side flap.
Step 8: To form tabs, cut away the card stock as shown                                                                        ( Refer to diagram in Step 8 Olive clutch bag):
The bold line indicates where to cut. The dashed line indicates where the paper has previously been scored. Cut a
sharp angle on the end of the tabs that are next to the side flaps.
Step 9: Place Scor-Tape™ along tabs.
If you wish to alter the front flap, now is the easiest time to do it. I did not alter the front flap on the Pink Bag.
Bend card stock inwards along score marks.
Remove Scor-Tape™ liner and form purse.  Use a sticky-back Velcro circle to keep the flap of the purse closed.

Pink Day Bag Finishing Details
To finish off the pink day bag, I cut a 2" x 4" piece of Bali Breeze paper and adhered it to the front flap. I then added a strip of regal rose grosgrain that had been threaded through an antique brass buckle. I also added a set of double punched photo corners. To add the purse strap I cut two ¾” slots with my hobby blade in the top score mark of the purse. I threaded the ends of an 11" ribbon through each slot and anchored the ribbon with Scor-Tape on the inside.


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