Friday, January 25, 2013

Cards and The Craft Class!!!!!!!


This is one word I can use to describe last night's card making night at my home. I was over-joyed to have 24 stampers come stamp with me at my first event since the beginning of October. I was so happy to have such an awesome turn out to start off the New Year with gusto! My biggest group of stampers before this was 18 in attendance. I thought most of my friends who came just wanted to see my house! ;)

I had 9 new stampers who hadn't been to one of my card making events before and the enthusiasm in the room was contagious. Crafting nights are always so thrilling and enjoyable when there are so many stampers having such a great time! It was a tight fit, but we made it work. If the attendance continues like this (or if it grows!), I will need to find another location, but for now I like the coziness of having it in my home. We'll see as time moves on...

I designed and prepared supplies for everyone to make three cards each. Some stampers requested two sets, and I also had an "add on" project that I am offering, which is new this year! It was a lot to prepare, but with my New Year's goal of having things planned ahead of time, I felt pretty good about it when the day came. It also helped that my Husband watched the kids for the day, so I could focus on my "class" and be 100% ready for the evening...snacks, treats, drinks, and all!

Enough jibber-jabber... Stay Updated For the cards we made!

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