Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mothers Day, and all other fun Card Ideas

Birthday Card, Handmade by, Denise Woolson The paper that's brown in the back that's layered was a piece of white plain paper.and the fabric rolled into a rose,covered an pencil with fab.and that's my card...    For Someone Special
Hello there...
If The Shoe FITS wear It...
If The Shoe FITS wear It!!
Instead of a card,can a coffee can count?
Card? Nope Coffee Can!
Pear-Fect! Birthday card.
Pearfect! Birthday card, by Denise
Fight like a girl!
This was specially made for Mother! By Denise
Blue by you.......Happy Birthday!
A  amazingly Blue Birthday, By Denise Woolson
Handmade long stem (Mothers Day Roses!)
Long Stem Red Roses, By Denise Woolson
Thinking of you.
Thinking Of You,By, Denise Woolson
Birthday Wishes

2012 - 2013 Stampin up! Annual Catalog,and Spanish copy

This is a Video of our little angel, Butter before she went away.

Butter was very young and enjoyed clawing her nails into the Bathroom carpet.I belive she thought it was her mama, even though she was with her then.Butter was a happy little fella,we miss her so.

Our New member of the Family!

My children wanted a baby kitten and so there fore Thats what I got them, we named her butter. Well one day my daugther had friends over playing and as they were told many of times no running in the house. My daugther came to me and explained that butter was playing with them. When she relilized that butter was caugth in the door as she was leaving out of it.Butter was injured and taken to the vet right at that time of the accident occured, I then was explained that he could'nt make it without using the Pottie on his own,if you know what I mean? They felt that she had to go so she could run and play without hurting any more.Well not to long after that, my daugther had guilt! I explained that it was an accident, I then got her another kitten, well the mother of the kitten had to come along with her baby. The baby still was to young to be away from her mama.Anyways either one looked like butter.Mama was out door cat,that liked being out doors, so In the city out doors for mama cat was a NO NO !! Well she did it she excaped through the window. well a  good reason she did is because she had a litter of 4 baby kittys!! I just could'nt belive it the two look so much the same but the special one is named ( Ican't belivev its not BUTTER) Pix Below
                                                    Here she is I can't belive its not Butter! I truely belive in my heart and soul that everything is for a Reason!!

Greeting cards for sale!! (custom made to Order).

Ink pad drying out? Heres a little tip.

I was working on  a card and my ink pads seemed to be drying out. when I would stamp on a piece of paper I had realized that Its time to re- Ink my pad. I was willing to try something different on them. I breathed on them and then proceeded to stamp on my piece of paper, makes sense to me. I did it, after that it was like they have been either NEW or just re inked. I don't know If this has ever been done before, But I was pretty amazed at the results after. If this a whirl on your next stampin up! project.

How To Make Paper Beads - Craft Tutorial

    How To Make Paper Beads - Craft Tutorial

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanging Roses Tutorial

                                   Hanging Roses Tutorial  
Here's what you'll need:

Styrofoam ball forms
Crepe paper streamers in whatever colors you choose
LOTS of hot glue sticks and a glue gun
a roll of tape
and a measuring stick

I measured my crepe paper strips at 24 inches, and ripped a BUNCH at that length, so I wouldn't have to keep stopping, to rip more

Once that was done... and my glue gun was nice and hot, I started in on my flower makin'!
First I crumpled the strips up, to make them softer and more fabric looking...
Then I straighted them out....

And began to roll. Start small... and then get a little looser. Like a real rose.
About 4 or 5 turns in, I would put a dot of glue on the end, by my thumb, to keep this part from unraveling. I did this periodically through each flower at a couple turns, to make sure that the flower didn't just fall apart, once I was done.

If you can see here. I would wind the paper around the middle base roll, and twist at the same time. So it looked MORE like a rose and LESS like a cinnamon roll.
This is SO easy! But a little time consuming. Be patient with the first few flowers. It takes a couple to get it down. But once you do... you'll fly through them!

Here's the end of the flower. I would just gather the end piece of crepe paper and then add a dab of glue to the outside of the flower, itself, and stick it on the edge.

Set it down... and let the glue do it's magic!
So fun, right!?

Seriously, you CAN'T mess these up! I had some flowers that I was like "Ew.. that looks awful" and some that I LOVED and thought looked like the REAL thing! And now that the whole thing is together... you can't tell one from the other!
After I had a few flowers done, I would start putting them on the ball.

I noticed that there were some with longer stems than others. Which made them a little more difficult to sit flat and nice on the ball form. So to avoid this I just ripped off the bottom!

A little puddle of hot glue on the ball, lightly press the flower on... and you're good to go!
I used a roll of tape to help keep my ball from rolling around on the table. It was a LIFE SAVER!
Make sure not to put the flowers TOO close together. Or they'll start to look crowded.

This is how it will look about a quarter of the way finished!
So fun! CHEAP and Easy!


* You're fingers WILL get burned. Work carefully.

Free Turquoise Meets Gold Labels

Vintage Printable Labels

Vintage Printable Labels  

free printable vintage labels 2
free printable vintage labels
vintage labels suzee que 3
vintage labels suzee que 2
vintage labels suzee que 4
vintage labels suzee que 8
vintage labels suzee que 7
vintage labels suzee que 6
vintage labels suzee que 1
vintage can labels_papier valise
Thinking of some upcycled cans for your reception decor? This Flickr Set has got an amazing array of FREE vintage labels you can download and print.
vintage labels 4
For personal use only, folks. Here’s some of my faves but there’s a bunch more here. Enjoy!
vintage labels 6

Handmade flower petals tutorial

Here's what you'll need:
man made fabric
Bowl of water
Tweezers or jewelery pliers
Cut your fabric into circles.  Don't worry about getting them symmetrical and perfectly round - they'll look much more 'natural' if you do them free hand (and life's way too short to stress over perfection.)
Take your tweezers or pliers and grasp the fabric close to the edge.
Carefully singe the edge of the fabric over the candle flame. 
This can take a bit of practice - you just want to melt the edge fibers without scorching them.  I find that rotating the fabric quickly over the flame seems to work well. You'll find that as the fibers melt, the edges will curl up - just like a flower petal.

The water is on hand in case you get a bit singe happy and the fabric 'catches' -it's only happened to me once but that was enough!
As John said when I was making them - 'that's such a rainy day activity' and he's right, it's quite zen after a while!
I've done lots of cream because I like the simplicity of them but I suppose you could do whatever colour you like to match your colour scheme. I've seen little boxes of flower petals selling for £6.99 and you could make your own for a fraction of that (especially if you use charity shop finds.)
I'm going to sprinkle them on my tables at the party but I've also made flowers out of them by stacking them one on top of the other and securing with a few contrasting stitches in the centre.  You could also use little beads too to add a bit more bling.