Friday, December 7, 2012

Watering Can

                         Watering Can

  • Patterned Paper, at least 8 1/2" x 11"

  • Cutting Mat

  • Craft Knife and Scissors

  • Steel Ruler for cutting edge

  • Scoring Tool

  • Glue or Double-sided Adhesive

  • Embellishments


  1. Step 1

    Print the template on patterned paper and cut out the four pieces: watering can body, spout, curved handle and back handle.

    Watering Can Template (Updated template without text. Thanks, Helen!)
  2. Step 2

    Working on the "wrong" side of the paper, score and valley fold the dashed red lines on the main watering can body.
  3. Step 3

    Apply adhesive (glue or double-sided sticky tape) to the folds on the "right" side of the paper.
  4. Step 4

    Bring sides together to form the can body.
  5. Step 5

    Curve the front flaps and tuck into the sides of the watering can using a dab of glue or other fixative to keep in place.
  6. Step 6

    Take the spout and fold with "wrong" sides turned to the inside as indicated by the red dashed lines in the template.
  7. Step 7

    Apply a dab of glue to the end of the spout's inner sides to fix them together.

    Apply a strip of double-sided sticky tape to the base of the spout and affix to the front of the watering can body.
  8. Step 8

    Attach the curved top handle by placing a dab of glue on each end (right side up) and tucking inside the top of the can, ensuring that the handle curves to the back.
  9. Step 9

    Fold the handle for the back on the dashed red lines as indicated in the template.
  10. Step 10

    Apply glue or sticky tape to the right side of the folded ends.
  11. Step 11

    Glue to the back of the can to form a ‘D’ shape.
  12. Step 12

    Your watering can is now complete and ready to be decorated as you wish!
  13. Decorated watering can.

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