Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our New member of the Family!

My children wanted a baby kitten and so there fore Thats what I got them, we named her butter. Well one day my daugther had friends over playing and as they were told many of times no running in the house. My daugther came to me and explained that butter was playing with them. When she relilized that butter was caugth in the door as she was leaving out of it.Butter was injured and taken to the vet right at that time of the accident occured, I then was explained that he could'nt make it without using the Pottie on his own,if you know what I mean? They felt that she had to go so she could run and play without hurting any more.Well not to long after that, my daugther had guilt! I explained that it was an accident, I then got her another kitten, well the mother of the kitten had to come along with her baby. The baby still was to young to be away from her mama.Anyways either one looked like butter.Mama was out door cat,that liked being out doors, so In the city out doors for mama cat was a NO NO !! Well she did it she excaped through the window. well a  good reason she did is because she had a litter of 4 baby kittys!! I just could'nt belive it the two look so much the same but the special one is named ( Ican't belivev its not BUTTER) Pix Below
                                                    Here she is I can't belive its not Butter! I truely belive in my heart and soul that everything is for a Reason!!

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