Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lights with lampshades, Lamp shades on a string

                          Lights with lampshades, Lamp shades on a string In plant is currently undergoing real julstuga which hints at Christmas themed becomes more and more. My contribution is this light strand made ​​with plastic cups. The man thought that the color choices were summery, but I would like the loop keeps even after the new year and I therefore chose pastels and much colors.

I was on a training course a while ago. There was the traditional mineral water in plastic cups, and yes, everyone else took them for mugs but I saw immediately that it was really small lampshades. In the true spirit of recycling and with the risk that seem a little crazy, I took care of most use cups, took them home and washed them out. Today I did about all the small lamp shades with fabric and glue.

At work the other day I noticed That the plastic cups for mineral water looked like tiny, tiny lamp shades. I brought home a bunch of Them and started the transformation using glue and fabric.

Draw the cup by rolling it over a piece of paper and draw along the top and bottom. To create a template to use When cutting out the fabric to glue on the plastic cup, place it on a sheet of paper and draw along the top and bottom while rolling it across the paper.

Cut pieces of fabric from the template. I had 16 cups and thus cut out 16 pieces of fabric.

Cut the fabric using the template you just created. I've had 16 cups so I cut

out 16 pieces of fabric.
Glue the pieces of fabric around the cups. I used decoupagelim. Cut / then cut a cross in the bottom of the cup and wooden cups / lamp shades on a light trail.

Glue the fabric onto the cup. Cut a cross at the bottom of the cup so you can slip the lampshades onto the lamps. I use a string with ordinary lights and had no idea Them on for hours with out the cups melting. But if you are worried, use LED lights.

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