Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Do I Get Any Craft time Around Here?

My 2 Youngest children and me.
Hello, hum mm welcome back I was sitting here thinking as always,we really should talk about us and craft time. When we either can't find craft time either or because the kids homework, then Dinner, oh of course after all is said and done, dad comes home from WORK!! Damn it! Lol Maybe the kids have a game after, you can't get ahead.It doesn't matter how soon you get the house work done, you could get up extra early, so you can sneak a project in or two.Then you get the kids off,OK kids love ya, have a great day,see you after school..All of the sudden the phone rings and its your family member that like to gab on the phone all day. How about the door bell, rings never fails Ding Dong! Its the mailman or someone asking or needing something. Either way we go its a hassle. How about this one, you get all of house work done,dinner all prepared and your all good to go, and you sitting there thinking about all the stuff you needed to do before, like doctor appointments,the school nurse, thinking to yourself weather or not you did everything before you sat down, and you forgot to do something, your husband comes home for lunch.I can go on and on. What about this one the house is trashed kids stayed home from school because they missed the bus, or what have you, and again you get up bright and early as always, and you really don't feel like doing much of anything but CRAFTING! You then say well as dad use to say work before play,and you pick up the house, feed the children,get them all dressed and put on a movie for them. and and you lost the mood to even wanting to make anything, because all of the sudden,  you here a Smack!! the kids start fighting your yelling ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Its something else, so when we do get the time to just sit and relax and get a little crafting time in, when we do create a project we really say to our self man it looks good after you spent hours in the craft room ass hurts, pardon my language, but its the truth ladies. This is why I enjoy this time here with you,because I can finally get it out.So the next time this or something similar like this happens to you, I can tell you this you are not alone, welcome to my world, until next time have a calm, relaxing kind of a day! Happy Crafting. PS Craft time just wouldn't be the same, if it was any different around here. lol have a great one.

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