Friday, December 7, 2012

Handmade flower petals tutorial

Here's what you'll need:
man made fabric
Bowl of water
Tweezers or jewelery pliers
Cut your fabric into circles.  Don't worry about getting them symmetrical and perfectly round - they'll look much more 'natural' if you do them free hand (and life's way too short to stress over perfection.)
Take your tweezers or pliers and grasp the fabric close to the edge.
Carefully singe the edge of the fabric over the candle flame. 
This can take a bit of practice - you just want to melt the edge fibers without scorching them.  I find that rotating the fabric quickly over the flame seems to work well. You'll find that as the fibers melt, the edges will curl up - just like a flower petal.

The water is on hand in case you get a bit singe happy and the fabric 'catches' -it's only happened to me once but that was enough!
As John said when I was making them - 'that's such a rainy day activity' and he's right, it's quite zen after a while!
I've done lots of cream because I like the simplicity of them but I suppose you could do whatever colour you like to match your colour scheme. I've seen little boxes of flower petals selling for £6.99 and you could make your own for a fraction of that (especially if you use charity shop finds.)
I'm going to sprinkle them on my tables at the party but I've also made flowers out of them by stacking them one on top of the other and securing with a few contrasting stitches in the centre.  You could also use little beads too to add a bit more bling.

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