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4 x 6" Accordion File Purse

 4 x 6" Accordion File Purse

Accordion File Purse
Materials are Card     stock 
6 x 11”, 6 x 7”,    4 x 10” (2),  4 x 5 ¾”  (4),  1 ½ x 11”
Designer፣           p aper (Optional)3 ½ x 10(2), 5 ½ x 9 1/2”, 3 ½ x 5 ½”, 1 x 11”2” circle  punch         (or        (smaller)፣Round፣ Corner፣ Punch  ፣    Glue ፣or ፣Double   sided  ፣Tape  ፣Velcro፣Scorer 
 Punch one end (left/right side) of 6 x 11” card stock and 5 ½ x 9 ½”designer paper
 Apply glue or tape to 1/3 of the rounded side of the designer paper and adhere to the 6 x 11” card stock as shown in the picture. Do not apply glue or tape  through out the back of the designer paper when adhering to the card stock. . .only 1/3.  
 Starting   at  the  non-rounded  side, score  the   6 x 11” card  stock at 1”, then  score at 5” and 8” Fold the   scored   card  stock  ።     Apply the 1 x 11” designer  paper to the 1 ½ x 11” cardstock centered  Score 1” on both side of the 1 ½ x 11” strip       For  placement of the 1 ½ x 11” strip, please red the next step before proceeding. Flip the non-adhered part of the 5 ½ x 9 ½” designer paper and adhere the 1” fold of the 1 ½ x 11” strip to the inner aspect of the designer      paper  .         Adhere the strip at the center of the 3” middle section of the 6 x 11”card stock as shown in the photo. At this time you may adhere the designer     paper   completely    o n   to    the   card    stock      Adhere the 3 ½ x 10” designer  paper to the 4 x 10” card s tock Repeat this step with the second piece፣ Score   the  4 x 10” card  stocks   starting at 1” and 1” there after   creating    5     folds.  Score   the     6 x 7” card    stock    on    the 7" side o  f    the    card       stock      at 4”        Adhere   the 3 ½ x 5 ½” designer  paper       t o      the      4” panel      of       the      6 x 7” card      stock        Apply       glue         or     tape    to     the 1” panel     of     t  he       scored   and     folded       6 x 11” cardstock         Adhere the 1” panel of the 6 x 11” card stock to the inner aspect of the3” panel   of   the   6 x 7” cardstock    t o    create    one    piece. This    will     b e    your   main          ፣piece ፣of ፣the፣          purse       ////Apply  glue      or   tape   to   the    left    and      rig ht    outer  panels         f     the         folded       4 x 10”      card stock 
Adhere the other side of the 4 x 10” card stock to the front 4” panel of the main piece. Repeat the step with the second 4 x10” card stock   Punch a slot using the 2” circle punch to the center of all four of the 4 x5 ¾” card stock  Apply  glue  or  tape  t o  the  r ight  and   left   side   of   the 4 x 5 ¾” card   stock       Adhere   all   four   4 x 5 ¾” card   stock   to   the      f olds   of    the    accordion    folds . When  adhering  the  card stock, be sure to squeeze in the accordion folds so the edge of the card stock are flushed against the folds.Apply Velcro to the center edge of the inner aspect of the front 3” flap.The Velcro   will     keep    your    purse    closed.    Completion of this project takes approximately 35 to 45 minutes

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